Nail Services

Pamper yourself in luxurious treatments for your hands and feet, such as rejuvenating massages, exfoliating scrubs, nourishing creams, and refreshing soaks.

Manicure Services

Indulge in a manicure that not only makes your nails beautiful but also promotes health and relaxation. With a variety of colorful polishes or the refined look of acrylics, our manicure services are an excellent form of self-care to give you gorgeous nails.

Treat yourself to a complete manicure experience, including nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle treatment, a soothing massage, hot towel wrap, and the final touch of your preferred polish.

Russian manicure salon rockville

Russian manicure

We provide Russian manicure services in Rockville, MD. The Russian manicure technique involves using an electronic file to eliminate any excess skin close to the nail plate. This method has become increasingly popular in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity in the United States as well. People are drawn to it for several reasons. Firstly, the end result is incredibly clean and gives a beautiful finish, making your nails look perfect for photos. Secondly, this type of manicure is long-lasting; it can last up to 8 weeks before needing to be redone. The nail technician uses an electric drill, similar to how a surgeon uses a scalpel, to precisely remove any extra skin from the nail and cuticle.

pedicure rockville

Pedicure Services

Don’t forget to give your feet some love and care. We take pleasure in discovering new ways to spoil your feet and indulge in self-pampering. Our services are enhanced with top-quality products and skilled technicians who are dedicated to providing attentive care. We strongly believe that health and beauty go hand in hand.

Our pedicure treatment includes a luxurious foot spa, soothing massage, and exfoliating scrub, as well as professional toenail cuticle removal, trimming, shaping, and buffing.


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